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Game Prototype

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

"Rootikub" is an educational game inspired by the classic tile game, Rummikub. Rootikub helps students learn how to code and decode words that are made up of Latin and Greek root words. The players use "tiles" that contain a Latin or Greek prefix, root word, and/or suffix to piece together advanced English words. Students are encouraged to use the clue definitions on each morpheme to make an educated guess as to the meaning of the English words they and other players create. The target audience are advanced students studying English as a foreign language and students studying for the English portion of the SAT exam. The prototype was designed to test the game concept before developing the online game. The instructions are simple and the game can be assembled using several sheets of paper and a stapler.

Paper Prototype for Testing: Look and Feel Mock-up for Digital Game:

The attached file contains the design documentation, instructions, and tiles needed to create the paper-based prototype game:

Constance Burns - EDCI 556 Game Prototyp
Download • 1.39MB

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