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Google Cybersecurity
Professional Certificate Project

February - March 2023

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The Project

The Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate was designed in 2022 by Google's Learning Lab and is hosted on the platform. Google requested assistance with completing multiple hands-on, self-reflection learning activities in order to launch the certificate on time. Constance Burns was invited by Coursera to assist with the completion of this project. Constance contributed 5 hands-on activities to the "Connect and Protect: Networks and Network Security" course. 

The Ed Tech Design Team

Content Creation for Hands-On Activities

Constance contributed the following content to the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate, Connect and Protect: Networks and Network Security course:


  • Activity: Analyze network layer communication

  • Activity: Analyze network attacks

    • Simulated Cybersecurity Log: Wireshark TCP/HTTP log​

    • Instructional Reading: How to read the Wireshark TCP/HTTP log

    • Instructional Exemplar: Cybersecurity incident report exemplar

  • Activity: Apply OS hardening techniques

  • Activity: Analysis of network hardening

  • Portfolio Activity: Use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to respond to a security incident

    • Instructional Reading: Applying the NIST CSF ​

    • Infographic: 5 core functions of the NIST CSF

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