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Google IT Support
Professional Certificate Project

June - September 2022

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The Project

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate was designed in 2018 by Edios Media and is hosted on the platform. Google requested content writing services by technical support subject matter experts. As Constance Burns had two decades of experience in IT, she was invited by Coursera to work on this project alongside writers from Constance contributed 42 articles and assessment updates across all five courses in the Professional Certificate.

The Ed Tech Design Team

Content Creation and
Assessment Improvement

Constance contributed the following content to the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, with Polly as her editor:

  • Course 1: Technical Support Fundamentals

    • 6 articles on physical privacy, security components, power supplies, mobile display types, common scripting solutions, CPUs (central processing units), and data storage

  • Course 2: The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking

    • 7 articles on network protocols, encryption, ethernet over twisted pair technologies, twisted pair ethernet: crossover cables, WAN protocols, Wi-Fi technologies, wireless network protocols for IoT (Internet of Things), and IoT data transfer protocols 

  • Course 3: Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User

    • 12 articles on mobile update packages, updating mobile apps in an enterprise mobile management (EMM) environment, mobile device storage, Windows package dependencies, Linux devices and drivers, mounting and unmounting drives, Windows paging, Linux filesystem repair, Windows troubleshooting tools, Windows troubleshooting scenarios, Linux package dependencies, and OS deployment methods 

    • 3 assessments on Users, Administrators, Groups, and Permissions, process management, and filesystems

  • Course 4: System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services

    • 10 articles on the consumerization of IT, bring your own devices (BYOD), remote connections, spam management / mitigation, load balancers, vendor life-cycle for custom services and products, vendor support life-cycle for commercial products, change management, deceptive attacks, and group policy troubleshooting with illustrative scenarios

  • Course 5: IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

    • 4 articles on browser hardening, Windows Defender, unified threat management (UTM), and DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks

Client Testimonial

"Constance is the epitome of detail-oriented. I had the pleasure of working with her for two projects over the span of eight months. We sourced Constance to create new content and update existing content for online learners, applying pedagogical and technical expertise to her deliverables.

"Our team was always confident in Constance's ability to meet deadlines and deliver high quality work. She goes above and beyond - her work ethic and problem solving skills are unmatched. It was joy working with Constance because I admired her professionalism and genuine kindness at every interaction."

- Mayra Rodarte, Program Manager, Google

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