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Most Recent Projects

Coursera CPS Vendor Training series_edit

Coursera Vendor Training Program

2023: Designed the curriculum for six courses and created 67 readings, 14 videos, and 11 assessments as content for this private service provider (vendor) training program for Coursera.


Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

2023: Created several self-review, hands-on learning activities. In the activities, learners analyzed network security logs to determine the type of cybersecurity attack evident in the logs. Then, the learners were challenged to develop a plan to address the attack.

Google Cybersecurity2.png
GwG IT Automation landscape2.png


IT Automation with Python
Professional Certificate

2022-23: Contributed 28 technical instructional articles, 83 Python code blocks, and assessment improvements as content for this technical Professional Certificate offered by Grow with Google and Coursera.


IT Support Professional

2022: Contributed 42 learning content articles and assessments covering topics such as Tech Support Fundamentals, Computer Networking, Operating Systems (including Linux), System Administration, IT Infrastructure Services, IT Security, Managing Enterprise Mobile Devices, and more!

GwG IT Support landscape.png
Goodwill landscape.png


Career Coach and Navigator
Professional Certificate

2021-22: Developed the curriculum for this Professional Certificate to train future Career Coaches on how to help people get on a path from low paying, short-term, and dead end jobs into job skill training, then on to long-term, successful careers.

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